Hunt Down the Right Problem

Together with your team we dive into the business challenges and pain points.

Requirements: We need a diverse and dedicated team, your customers’ and users’ involvement and feedback.

Methods: Some of the methods we use include interviews, empathy maps, 5xWHYs, experience journeys, structural brainstorming, the ABC list and mockups and sketches.

Outcome: We deliver a set of prioritized and clearly defined business pain points with a formulated value impact and a fast and simple solution prototype – a user story to be developed as a possible digital solution.


Build the Right Solution

We evaluate, select and create the best fitting solutions to serve your business efficiently.

Requirements: the right expertise from across the organization and the decision maker’s commitment to resources.

Methods: Scrum Agile and Kanban methodology

Outcome: MVP up and running in 8 weeks (including proper technology selection), strong product ownership and scrum mastering and teams equipped with agile practice and tools.


“Think Digital” Technology

Requirements: Base technology. We also need your procurement stakeholders’ involvement.

Methods: By applying methods such as technology maturity assessment, rapid solution assessment, target technology evaluation, technology radar, agile procurement and startup collaboration, we ensure to create precisely the right digital solution for your business.

Outcome: a fit to purpose solution proposal, and an agile procurement process and technology on-boarding.


Continuous Growth

We expand companies’ digital capabilities and skills.

Requirements: your team’s specific business need.

Methods: according to specific needs (for example, agile training by doing, pain point discovery, pitching training)

Outcome: a powerful, agile team not only fully digitally equipped but also able to adapt to the future needs of a digital age. In precise terms: team change management to agile setup and new ways of working.